Built for the harsh garage environment, Gladiator products are tough, versatile and work well in other areas of the home including laundry rooms and basements. The Full-Door Modular GearBox provides storage for a variety of garage gear. One fixed shelf one adjustable shelf provides storage versatility. It includes leveler feet adjust to uneven floors, and nylon pads prevent floor stains and corrosion. Compatible with the Hardwood Work Top and Caster Kit. The Caster Kit supports up to 300 pounds and features locking front casters and swiveling rear casters. Gladiator maintains some of the industry’s most rigorous testing requirements to ensure performance in any environment:

Life cycle testing simulates years of rugged use to assess the wear and tear
– Extreme temperature testing where products are subjected to temperatures ranging from -30° F to 150° F
– Load testing tests products to four times rated weight capacities
– Environmental testing subjects products to high humidity, salt sprays and environmental extremes.


  • Manufacture Part Number GAGB28FDYG
  • Holds up to 45 pounds per shelf, 300 pounds per cabinet; overall weight of the cabinet is 51 pounds
  • Magnetic latch holds the cabinet doors when closed; Built-in lock keeps items secure
  • Casters add 6″ to the height of the GearBox; Worktop adds 3/4″


  • Brand: Gladiator
  • Dimensions28″ x 18″ x 31″